Referral Exchange

Real estate referral network, ReferralExchange is proud to announce that Award Real Estate has been named as a ReferralExchange Member Agent. Agents are asked to join ReferralExchange by invitation only.

With over 25,000 agent members, ReferralExchange is one of the fastest-growing referral services in real estate. The network participated in over 16,000 closed sides in 2018 and made over 250,000 connections. The company has referral-ready real estate agents in all 50 states (100% of US Zip Codes) who have all been vetted and have years of experience and positive recommendations.

Submitted referrals are qualified and matched with 3-5 agents from the network. ReferralExchange uses proprietary data science to determine which agents are most suited for the particular consumer. “What’s most important to me is that the people I refer have a positive experience, wherever their journey takes them,” said Linda Lake. “This network makes sure that my valued clients are taken care of with the same level of service I provide.”

Data from ReferralExchange’s annual survey of the real estate referral network shows that most agents refer anywhere from 2-10 clients per year. For these agents, what is most important is knowing what happens after the referral is transferred. ReferralExchange’s tracking system gives agents peace of mind and reporting on each submitted referral.

“In today’s world being able to provide quality referrals is very important to an agent’s business,” added Scott Olsen, CEO of ReferralExchange. “We are excited to welcome Linda Lake as a Member Agent.”


About ReferralExchange

ReferralExchange, the nation’s top real estate referral company, is dedicated to creating real estate experiences between real estate professionals and customers. Founded in 2005, ReferralExchange has built an invite-only network of over 25,000 top-performing real estate agents. In 2018, the network participated in over 16,000 closed sides. Learn more at